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Established in 1980, AIR SEA PACKING AND CRATING CO. has 44 years of experience handling various types of customized packing for multiple sectors and industries. Our 7,622 sq ft facility sits on the corner of 120th and Prairie in the city of Hawthorne, CA.

All team members are certified and knowledgeable in providing trustworthy services across

all Modals of transportation (AIR, OCEAN, GROUND). 


44 years in business

Southern California's leading packing and crating company

we service almost every industry - film, auto, aerospace, fine art, antiquities, large freight and machinery

Dedicated custom crating


Custom Reusable Crates

On The Corner of 120th and Prairie- CALL US TODAY


  • Local pick up/delivery as part of our crating  . 
  • Custom  Crating for Sculptures , fine art , Mixed Media and LED  installations  on a large or small scale. 
  • Custom crating for machinery, electronics,  aerospace 
  • FCL Container loading - blocking and bracing.
  • Domestic and international crates and skids.
  • On-site packing service.
  • Consolidation and palletization.
  • Fine art "White glove services"- pick up , pack , local delivery within the Greater Los Angeles  Area
  • HAZMAT Certifications  (IATA, IMDG, DOT) 
  • MIL-SPEC barrier bag packing  
  • DRY ICE  services + insulated cold packaging 
fina art packing
Wood crating

industries & sectors

Aerospace, manufacturing, cosmetics & beauty supply chain, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, agricultural, steel and raw materials, computer technology, entertainment and live event productions, energy and fuels, automotive, creative and design, education, military, machinery

export packing


Fine artist, sculptors, museums, sole proprietors, laboratories, trade shows, freight forwarders, airlines, steam ship companies, common trucking and white glove carriers, multinational companies in Europe, South America, and Asia


white glove services
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